Plaids and Fake Palm Trees

Wearing: Zara Cut Out Boots
Forever 21 Quilted Shorts and Leather Zipped Jacket
Pink Zone Pleated Dress
H&M Bowler Hat

Photo Cred:
My BFF Vincent Cao 

Can I just start off this post by saying the palm tree in the background is fake just like this plaid top I'm wearing because ....

It's actually a dress! Tricked ya!

Scored this dress at Pink Zone at the North County Mall. If you've ever been in to that store then you know most of their  pieces are under $20. This dress came out to $17 plus some change and I'm completely in looooooooove with it mainly because it's so versatile. I paired it off with a leather jacket, quilted leather shorts and overly huge earrings that look like gauges because I'm currently diggin' that 80's punk style.

To be honest  I just wanted to look like a bad ass....
did it work ?

Even if it did or not, hope you had a great day!
Kimberly Anne


Layering Layers

Wearing: Forever 21 Box Tee
H&M Lace Dress
Forever 21 Thigh Highs
Chanel Purse
Ebay Bowler Hat
It took me about 3 weeks to finally settle in to my new apartment and new job! When I was younger I briefly lived in Escondido and I still can't believe I moved back. From living in Temecula and moving to Escondido takes a lot of getting used to but I can honestly say it's been one of the best decisions I've made. Today was my day off so I scoped around town to find new spots to eat/shop/take photos at and I stumbled upon Grand Ave which I found was the best part about Escondid!  I still don't understand why I didn't take photos of the shops and restaurants I visited ...Perhaps I'll save the Grand Ave tour another time ?  On the other hand I did take photos of today outfit haha! It was really gloomy and it was raining a bit so I tried to  layered up without looking too bulky as much as I could and here was the outcome :)

Have a lovely day <3
Kimberly Anne


Cut It Ouuut!

One of the few things I've learned about myself over the years is that I can NEVER stay in the same place for a very long time. I'm not talking about ADHD or anything buuuuut what I mean is that I can't accept when I'm not constantly moving forward with my life. So just recently I decided to find a new job and move out of my parents house. I'm turning 22 so I figured I might as well right? So within the span of a week I snagged a job at Nordstrom (hey girl heeeey), found my new roomies and found the perfect apartment. Today we signed all the paperwork and we're glad to say that we're moving out in less than 2 weeks! Because of this non existent "Fall" weather, I had to dig through my closet for warmer pieces like this sheer cut out romper from a local Manila brand called "Pink Manila". I basically buy a suitcase full of their merchandise every time I visit the Philippines and hoard them till I find an appropriate time to put them to use. I paired them off with a cropped Forever 21 blazer so I wouldn't show too much skin during our meeting with the apartment manager. Also wore my new Zara cut out boots that I've been drooling over the past month! Purchasing something for yourself to celebrate getting a new job is appropriate right ? Anyways, hope your day was as great as mine!

Kimberly Anne


Happy Friday!

This song never fails to put me in a great mood!
Water Bombs By Twinsy

Pleather Weather

Ever since I can remember, I've always enjoyed Fall. Basically because it's that time of year where dark colors and leather come out to play. Aaaaand maybe it's also because October is my birthday month ;) 


H&M Pleather Top
Pink Zone Pleather Skirt
Zara Sling Backs

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
Kimberly Anne


Do You Want To Go To The Seaside?

Or Disneyland. Nathan and I opted for both during our day off yesterday.

Wearing : American Apparel Halter Leotard
Crossings Checkered Circle Skirt
Zara Sling Back Heels


School's For Fools

 Couldn't help but feel like a little school girl in this ensemble. I was debating on wearing those little lace socks but  decided not to because Temecula weather is still pretty warm :( Found this jumper dress in one of the Topshop stores in Manila. Way lucky because my cousin in law Rochie saw me eyeing the dress and purchased it and gave it to me as a present! It's such a versatile piece. Already purchasing 3/4 and long sleeve tops because I know I can wear it year round!

Wearing : Topshop Jumper Dress
Crossings Tie Me Up Heels
Thrifted Hat

Kimberly Anne