Plaids and Fake Palm Trees

Wearing: Zara Cut Out Boots
Forever 21 Quilted Shorts and Leather Zipped Jacket
Pink Zone Pleated Dress
H&M Bowler Hat

Photo Cred:
My BFF Vincent Cao 

Can I just start off this post by saying the palm tree in the background is fake just like this plaid top I'm wearing because ....

It's actually a dress! Tricked ya!

Scored this dress at Pink Zone at the North County Mall. If you've ever been in to that store then you know most of their  pieces are under $20. This dress came out to $17 plus some change and I'm completely in looooooooove with it mainly because it's so versatile. I paired it off with a leather jacket, quilted leather shorts and overly huge earrings that look like gauges because I'm currently diggin' that 80's punk style.

To be honest  I just wanted to look like a bad ass....
did it work ?

Even if it did or not, hope you had a great day!
Kimberly Anne