Wore: H&M  Beanie
H&M Leather High Waists.
Forever 21 Plat Forms
Swap Meet Scalloped Tee
Macy's Glitter Gold Wrap
DIY Tassel Earrings

Christmas this year definitely didn't  feel that "Christmasy" to me with my sister being half way around the  world and my mother having work Christmas Eve and Day. I guess that's what happens when you grow  older  and  the  stacks of presents start getting shorter. Buuuut  it's alright  because being  able to spend time with family and Nathan was definitely good  enough for me. Especially the fact I got Plants  Vs. Zombies for  XBOX.. I mean c'mon.. one of  the BEST Christmas  present  ever !!

Hope you all had a  wonderful Christmas<3

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