My spoon collecting mates.


Photos were taken during Janine's 20th birthday lunch
Photo credits to Charles

How lucky am I to have these two? From barely acknowledging each other during the first years of high school to having monthly "Mate Dates". Janine and Leanne are probably one of the few girls who understands me and obsession with art, fashion, following vloggers/bloggers, cameras, every day #ootd, Old Town Temecula, FOOD... well basically my obsession for documenting everyday life (ALTHOUGH I'll never  understand their love for K-pop music ... ) We have such different personalities, style (obviously), friends, etc.. but somehow put us together and we compliment each other so well.  There's NEVER any dull moment with them. Some how someone manages to trip, chases after ducks, ...accidentally cover her face with her gold wrap during a photo shoot, take photos with spoons on their noses and yes, best believe all that goes down while we're sober. I strongly believe that we deserve a reality TV show so that people can see how much randomness goes on when we're all together. With all that said, these girls are definitely future bridesmaids material  and I completely adore them. </rant>

I just read Janine's post and it sounds exactly like mine... 
BAM! proof that this friendship will last forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

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