Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!


So, I'm not really the type to follow any trends. It's rare for me to pick  up fashion magazine and watch what's going on with the runways. I enjoy dressing up, but I guess a part of me just doesn't care that much. I just wear what I'm comfortable and feel great in. BUT, yes..BUT! This whole monochrome and lucite trend that I've been seeing around, I am IN LOOOOOOOVE with. That's because as far as I've known, My style has always been drawn to anything black, white and lucite. In fact 3/4 of my closet is black and every jewelry container I own is lucite. Even my umbrella is lucite! Anyways, about this outfit ... all the pieces you see here (from head to toe) are clothes given to me as birthday/Christmas presents by friends and family. I really enjoy the fact that people know me well enough to know what I like wearing. Because lets be honest, it's not always fun faking that you like the presents you actually don't care for. ... With that said, Thank you Mom for my shoes, Rochie for my top, Rachel for my Cardigan and Alix & Marie for my monochrome pants!

Photos taken by Heliely <3

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