South Coastin' on St. Patrick's Day

On St. Patrick's Day my family and Nathan went to the South Coast Winery to have brunch. I wore my PB & J dress with a thrifted black and white box top and synched it with my mirror belt. I always love wearing belts because my waist isn't tiny so belts give it that illusion that I have some curves! And to prevent from being pinched, I OF COURSE wore my  little green hat! Brunching outdoors was PERFECT! the weather was lovely and so was the view. We had such a great time taking photos, playing with my nephew and socializing with all the people that were obviously zonked! The four Caucasian ladies in the photos were a couple of the people we met. They asked me take their photos with their camera phone so I offered to take some with our camera to email it to them since it was clearer. They were so sweet and adorable! Anyways, how was your St. Pattys? Hope it was as lovely as mine!

Kimberly Anne

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  1. Great photos!

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