I Can Never Own A Decent Pair Of Stockings


I was running  late for school so I woke up, got ready and threw on the first things I found. Luckily, all these pieces fit together. I seriously think that the  best outfits are the ones  put together  in less than 3 minutes!

School went by so quickly today because all we did in my classes were watch videos. So as soon as it was over, I dropped Nathan off and met up with Leanne and took a couple of  photos. We didn't even really get to hangout  because I immediately  had to leave and take my family to Fashion Valley. I seriously have been so busy with my nephew and  my sister being here that I haven't  gotten the chance to update but thankfully Leanne's always  down to take  photos!

This little booger is the cause for me being M.I.A with life right now. I'm not even complaining, I'm making the most out  of this month I get to spend with him. I love my Godson so much!

Hope you guys have a great day!

Kimberly Anne

Photos taken by:
My beautiful Twin Heliely <3

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